Why am I sore after the massage?

Not many experiences and feelings can beat those you feel just after a great massage. A good quality massage leaves you feeling warm and relaxed, tingling all over, while at the same time renewed and full of life. You may even experience the best night sleep you have ever had, following a great massage. However, on the following morning, it is a different story. The muscle aches and soreness you feel as you get ready for your day are evocative of a full body workout rather than a full body massage. At this point, it is all too easy to begin panicking and assume something is wrong. It is more likely, however, that the massage has done the result as precisely as I intended.
Just drink lots of water and let your body flush those toxins.

``I've known Chris for almost 5 years now and, having received numerous massages from him as well as others around the world, I can honestly say he's definitely One of the BEST! Chris is someone that you'll be glad you spent time with; from start to end, he'll ensure that your time together is most relaxing and enjoyable. Making an appointment with him is as comfortable as directly sending an email or phoning - he's always timely in replying with his availability. Be confident that he is genuinely everything you see in the pictures and that his studio is a place that you will feel comfortable and secure in. Without a doubt, every time I've made an appointment with Chris - whether travelling to/through London on business or just making a special trip to see him - I leave with a euphoric sense of being totally relaxed and energised. Again, without doubt, Chris indeed is One of the BEST I've encountered as a frequent International traveller.”

Lucas T
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