What to Expect on Your First London m4m Massage Visit

It’s important to know what will take place and how it will happen.

Read below to learn what happens before,  during and after the massage.

The beginning of the appointment will involve a health talk. You’ll be asked some questions such as:

  • A medical issue that you have or want treated
  • Painful areas
  • The amount of pain
  • How you normally treat your discomfort, and what increases the pain
  • How Sensual – Therapeutic – Erotic you want the massage to be or a mix of all. ( The most Recommended )

The next step before your appointment will be a small talk about the massage you want; this is an essential part as its always more comfortable for me to know how to proceed with a successful massage.

Remember that you can ask for changes to make you comfortable, such as if you are cold, or wish to let me know that you are uncomfortable with specific areas of your body being touched. I will typically cover your body with a towel across the parts that are not currently being massaged, but you can be as undressed as you feel comfortable.

To get the most from the session try to relax, let your thoughts wander, and do not focus on stress. Just enjoy the feeling of the massage to clear your mind. If you are having trouble or tension in your muscles, then let your me know as I could change my techniques. It is normal to experience odd emotions and it is okay to speak, but you may benefit more if you let yourself go, and let me take over.

After the massage

After the session, I will exit the room. You will have the time to get a shower and get ready to go; then when you leave the session room, you will want to get some water, as this will help clear your body of stress.

Once you are done, try to take the rest of the day off to receive the benefits of massage, or simply go to work like most of my clients do.

As you get more comfortable getting to know me and with the process, you will find that you are more relaxed, and even energised after your M4M London massage sessions.