Type of Massage

The type of massage I do here is all about relaxation and reduction of stress
to let the client’s body heal itself, sometimes and if you so wish the massage can be sensual – erotic. I have taken techniques from several different massage teachings and incorporated them into a soothing and free-flowing massage that lets my clients forget about the workaday world for an hour or 90 minutes and leaves them feeling rejuvenated and full of self-confidence.

Although my work is very sensual, I do not consider myself as a male escort. Please do not
schedule an appointment if you are looking for something other than a professional, but intimate male to male massage. I do not Give out “stats”, and I believe that my pictures reflect myself very well. I do not share other images. My privacy is as important as yours.

The primary disciplines I generally incorporate are Swedish massage and Sports massage
including deep tissue techniques, Head massage, deep myofascial techniques, and Aromatherapy massage. Since each client is unique, I use a different fusion of these techniques for each massage.

Therapy Room Ambiance

The massage table can be heated, and I have plenty of towels, so adjusting the room temperature to your preference is not a problem. I generally burn a candle to keep the lighting dim and play soft music.
The room has air conditioning in the summer, so even if its hot outside your session remains comfortable.

Covering you during the massage

In addition to keeping you warm, I generally cover my clients with a fresh, clean towel to preserve body heat and only expose the portion of the body that is being worked on at that time. You are welcome to ask for other draping options if it will increase your comfort level.

As noted in the guidelines, the optimal way to receive a massage is entirely naked. I will leave the room to allow you to undress and cover yourself with the sheet and blanket before returning to the room to start your massage.

Cancelling your appointment.

If for any reason you can not make this appointment, please let me know as soon as possible. I can best be reached on my mobile. If I don’t answer feel free to leave a text. You can cancel, but please do let me know if you cannot make it as early as you can as sometimes I will be able to see someone else on the last minute appointment.



“Booking, directions and parking were easy. He's sexy, nice and has a superb body to appreciate. And he uses it all in his strong and unusual legs technique, especially at the big muscles of the thighs, using a combination of shoulder weight and hand motion that was a unique experience for me and felt really good! I would have appreciated more time and deeper work in the back and chest with more of his highly developed technique like he had used on my thighs. There just was not enough time to do it all I guess since the hour flew without even knowing it! That leg method was so exceptional that almost nothing else mattered.``



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