Relaxation vs Therapeutic
Massage for relaxation about stress relief

If you’re feeling agitated, overworked and underappreciated, a massage can be a great way to get yourself back into a better, more relaxed state. The advantages of massage are various, including lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation to tight areas, and creating an overall sense of well being.

I do like to combine both Styles.

There’s something very sexy about a thorough body on body contact massage. It’s a unique application of skin on skin, and its purpose is to relax and to give pleasure.
I provide mainly m4m work, but I also work on females as well. When a man gives a man a massage, it’s often a very erotic experience. He is naked and ready to be touched. His hands caress his body, he kneads away all his worries and cares. He is sensitive to his touch, eager for intimacy.

Erotic massages are often the best of all, and something that many men crave. There’s no pressure, just sexual relaxation and pleasure. Moreover, a plus is that I’m equipped with all the attributes to satisfy the experience and will engage your imagination. I do however recommend clients to already have showered before the session and or shower at my location.

I will use various oils to soften the skin as well as moisturize. Everything will be done safely and respectfully to provide you with an enjoyable and memorable experience.
I will also provide music to not only ease your mind but help you escape and go beyond your imagination along with skin to skin contact and will make sure you climax if that’s what you want.
I definitely would like to provide a very different experience for my clients, and also to establish an excellent customer service, which is my duty. If you have any other questions and or concerns about my services, please let me know and I will answer as soon as possible.

You can (text me) which will have me respond quickly to you, but we must speak first on the phone to avoid timewasters or no-shows. Also, it is encouraged to book me at least a day in advance. Thanks, and I can’t wait to work on your body soon.

The most common massage technique in this category is Swedish massage, which uses long, gliding strokes along with muscle kneading and a few other methods. Another popular form of massage in this category includes deep tissue massage.
Relaxation massage is one of the few things in life that feels good and is good for you.